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When wildlife is found in a residence, homeowners will want to take care of the problem as soon as possible. Birds, rodents, raccoons and other creatures can enter buildings through weaknesses in the foundation. If they are allowed to proliferate, they can quickly cause structural damage that could run into the thousands of dollars. Professional pest control contractors can examine the situation and identify the wildlife species that are at the heart of the infestation. With calibrated pest control techniques, our specialists can make the home free of critters once again.


Squirrels, mice and rats can take over houses rather quickly. While squirrels and chipmunks typically take shelter in attics to raise their young, rats and mice are a bit more nefarious. These creatures can carry dozens of diseases and can breed fast, which means the rodent population can spiral out of control. Mice and rats should always be dealt with by experienced exterminators who know how to use bait and traps to eliminate the resident population.

Birds and Bats

Birds and bats can sometimes build nests near eaves or rafters, especially under roofs and high windows. In congested urban areas, pigeons are also likely to be present. In fact, pigeons can leave droppings on sidewalks, driveways and other hard surfaces that can be very difficult to remove. Bats, on the other hand, are often found living in attics. Bats are among the most loathed pests, and exterminators can quickly and efficiently remove them and prevent them from returning to the property.

Other Mammals

Raccoons, foxes and other large animals can also present problems. While such creatures are encountered less frequently than rodents and birds, they can nevertheless prove dangerous, especially if they are rabid. Homeowners should always defer to professional exterminators to avoid being bitten or otherwise harmed.

Professional Assistance

Because many wildlife species carry diseases, they will have to be dealt with properly. At City Wide Exterminators, we can assess the state of the property and develop a viable action blueprint. Within a few short days, the pests can be thoroughly eradicated. Individuals can go about their daily routines without worrying about any further damage to the residence. Call us today for a free quote on our wildlife removal services.

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