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Termites are among the most pernicious pests known to property owners. They are capable of causing major structural and aesthetic damage to homes and commercial buildings long before the presence of a colony is detected.

Signs of Termite Infestation

One of the first clues of termite infestation is the presence of swarms of winged termites during the months of March, April and May when the weather is warmer and spring rains start. Swarmers leave their colonies, shed their wings and mate in an attempt to start new colonies. The presence of wings shed by swarmers is another indication of termite problems.

Termites are often mistaken for winged ants, but close inspection will reveal obvious differences. Termites have straight antennae, non-constricted waists that align with the rest of the body and wings of equal size.

Mud tubes are another clue that termites are present in the structure. Termites build these tubes to shield them as they move from their nests and the building itself. These mud tubes can often be found close to the building's foundation, floor joists and other areas. If white termite workers are present when a portion of the tube is split open, the infestation is active and property owners need to act immediately to prevent further damage. However, an empty tube could indicate that termites are foraging elsewhere.

How Termites Enter the Structure

Termites can enter the home through existing cracks in the foundation or by following spaces in the concrete blocks. While nests are typically underground, subterranean termites can take advantage of areas where wood components meet the ground such as deck posts and door frames. Dry wood termites find crevices in the walls that they can enlarge to accommodate their nests.

Managing a Termite Infestation

Termite control is a complicated process that involves the use of specialized equipment and chemical formulations. It will require the experience and skills of an exterminator who understands termite behavior, building design and local laws relevant to pest control.

Termite management strategies will vary, but the professionals at City Wide Exterminators will ensure that a comprehensive approach is used to eliminate the problem and prevent re-infestation. Call the experts at City Wide Exterminating for a free quote on a customized solution to your termite problem.

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