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Spiders are sneaky pests. They can hide behind picture frames on your walls, in the pile of firewood outside your back door or in dark corners of your closets. You may notice spider webs before you see an actual spider, or you may find yourself startled by a spider scurrying up a wall.

The type of spiders seen in your home will vary depending on where you live. The following spiders are common throughout the United States:

  • American House Spider: brown with an off-white, spotted abdomen
  • Black Widow: black with red on the underside, shaped like an hourglass
  • Daddy Longlegs: light yellow or brown with long, thin legs
  • Jumping Spiders: various colors, known for jumping behavior

Daddy longlegs and jumping spiders are harmless, but American house spiders are potentially dangerous, and black widows are deadly. While most people will never see a black widow in or near their home, jumping spiders and daddy longlegs are quite common.

If you live in the northwestern corner of the U.S., you may see hobo spiders. They are brown or dark orange with a V-pattern on the abdomen. If you live in the south, look out for the southern house spider. They are black or dark brown and are covered in hair. While they look unfriendly, they aren't venomous or toxic.

One of the most dangerous spiders is the brown recluse. While it isn't commonly found in northern states due to their colder climates, they are common in many central and southern states. Most spiders have eight eyes, but this spider only has six. The eyes are arranged in pairs, so that is one easy way to determine whether you are dealing with a brown recluse or one of the many other types of brown spiders.

Once you see a spider in your home, it is a good idea to call City Wide Exterminators for an inspection. Our professionals will help you identify the type of spider and determine the extent of infestation. You may need one-time or ongoing services to rid your home of these pests and ensure that they don't return in the future. Spiders may enter your home at any time of the year, so extermination is never out of season. Call us today for a free quote on our spider control services.

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