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Roaches that find their way into homes and businesses may remain indoors because of easy accessibility to food and water. Property owners who are dealing with an infestation of these pests may try sprays or traps to get rid of them, but these do-it-yourself options only scratch at the surface of the problem. Professional pest control is the best way to completely eliminate the health hazards associated with roaches.

About Roaches

Roaches are large insects that are usually brown in color. Some varieties of the pest have wings, but it is unusual for these roaches to fly. They are approximately two inches in length at adulthood, and some types of roaches produce an odor.

Roaches gain entry to a building through cracks or crevices. They may even be inadvertently carried inside. While these insects may smell or make hissing noises, their presence often goes undetected. The pests are nocturnal, so it is unusual for people to see roaches during the day. Spotting a roach is often a sign that there is an infestation lurking within the walls of a building.

The biggest problem with roaches is the fact that they carry disease. Salmonella is a bacterial infection that can be spread by the insects. There are 32 other types of bacteria that roaches carry throughout a home, and these bacteria can circulate through the HVAC system of a home when roaches leave dirt, debris or droppings behind.

The debris that is left behind by roaches even has the ability to cause or exasperate respiratory illnesses. This is especially true in children. Children who live in homes that are infested with roaches may develop asthma or allergies because of prolonged exposure to the debris that roaches leave behind as they make their way through a home.

Professional Roach Control Services

Exterminators have the equipment and knowledge needed to go head-to-head with roaches. These dangerous pests can create hidden dangers that are impossible for property owners to remove on their own. Professional pest control companies use proven methods of exterminating roaches for the health and safety of building occupants. Contact us at City Wide Exterminators to get rid of roaches.

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