Residential Pest Control  in the Atlanta Metroresidential

When insects invade your home, they can be much more than a nuisance -- they can spread disease, damage your furnishings or destroy the value of your house. It is quite common for a homeowner to have more than one type of pest that wants to share your residence, and you may need an integrated pest-control plan to eliminate all of them.

Termite Control

If you were to add up the cost of home repairs caused by hurricanes, fires and tornadoes in a typical year, that combined total would still not equal the amount caused by termites. Termites can literally eat your home right out from underneath you. They can feast on wood floor supports, the trusses supporting your roof, the wood supporting your drywall, the deck in your back yard and your front porch. Because many homeowners do not realize that termites have established a colony until they see a swarm, the colony can be well established and extensive damage done before an infestation is suspected.

Roach Control

Roaches have been around for approximately 300 million years, and they are unlikely to become extinct in the foreseeable future. There are more than 4,500 different types of cockroaches, but most of them are content to remain outdoors. In the U.S., homes are typically invaded by German, Oriental or American cockroach. Regardless of species, cockroaches carry a variety of microbes on their bodies that can spread e-coli, salmonella and other dangerous diseases. Recent studies have determined that roaches can trigger allergic reactions in humans, and they can worsen asthma, with some studies indicating that they may actually cause children to develop the condition. Roaches are opportunistic feeders, so they will feed on paper, clothing and just about anything else in your home if they are denied access to your food. Cockroach infestations are notoriously difficult to combat without the help of a pest-control professional.

Bed Bug Control

Not too many years ago, it was believed that the U.S. was free from bed bug infestations. In recent years, however, bed bugs have become extremely commonplace. A bed bug problem is not an indication of poor housekeeping or inadequate personal hygiene. They have been found in five-star hotels, penthouse apartments and luxurious mansions. Bed bugs are attracted by the carbon dioxide that humans exhale, and since they are primarily nocturnal, they normally feed while their hosts are sleeping. Although there is no evidence that a bed bug bite will infect a human with a potentially dangerous disease, they can cause rashes, blisters and allergic reactions. Bed bugs are small and secretive, so finding their nests can be difficult. Eradication typically requires professional treatment, using either chemicals or steam to kill the bed bugs.

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