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While they play very important roles in the natural environment, wasps and bees can turn into a big nuisance if they settle in your yard. Depending on what species they belong to and the time of year, both can become aggressive, causing painful stings and costly property damage. Fortunately, infestations are easy to manage if you act fast and call in professional help.

What Should I Know About Wasps and Bees?

Wasps and bees aren’t as closely related as they look. Both belong to the same order of insects, but each has its own unique characteristics that vary based on individual species. Although many wasps and bees share the telltale striped coat, wasps tend to be thinner and smoother. Bees are typically more compact and may appear a little furry. Another difference between the two is their food source. Bees tend to focus on flowers, while wasps are attracted to food waste, a trait that generally makes them a little more aggressive than their bee cousins.

Why are Wasps and Bees Dangerous?

Because many common species of wasps and bees sting when threatened, they can significantly affect your quality of life, especially if you or someone in your family is allergic. Even if allergies aren’t an issue, you shouldn’t have to deal with swarms of buzzing insects when you want to enjoy your outdoor space.

Although not nearly as dangerous as termites, some wasps and bees may also be harmful to your home. For example, carpenter bees can cause surface damage by burrowing into your home’s exterior. Wood-destroying wasps and bees are even more problematic, putting your house at risk for serious structural damage down the road.

How Do I Control Wasps and Bees?

The quicker you act, the easier the infestations are to contain. The problem is that unless you have professional training and detailed knowledge of the differences between wasp and bee species, handling active colonies isn’t safe. Many bees and wasps get aggressive when their nests are threatened, so calling in the experts is always your best bet.

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