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Unfortunately, bed bugs can be the hardest to eradicate from your home or business once they have been accidentally brought in. These tiny pests that feed upon the blood of humans and animals reproduce very quickly, another reason why it is important to remove them as soon as they are noticed. In fact, a female who is able to get regular feedings will normally lay hundreds of eggs throughout her lifetime.

About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs usually feed overnight, so if you wake up with itchy skin welts that were not present when you went to bed, they were the likely culprits. Conversely, bed bugs found in offices tend to be more exploratory in nature as they search for hosts to feed upon. By necessity, those in office settings are normally unable to focus their feedings at nighttime.

A bed bug has an oval body and is about a fifth of an inch long. They are wingless and have six legs and two antennae.

These pests can get into your home or business via a variety of ways. Some popular methods include arriving in luggage, backpacks, clothes, furniture and bedding. Bed bugs in a neighboring apartment or office suite can also make their way into yours if there is an opening, even a tiny one, between the two.

The damage that bed bugs cause usually consists of a high number of bites that itch and sometimes result in blisters. These usually occur on the arms or legs as these are normally the body parts that are exposed when people sleep or work.

Controlling Bed Bugs

It is important to deal with an infestation as soon as you realize that it has happened for a number of reasons. One of the most important ones is due to how well they tend to hide, meaning that if you see just a few, there will usually be significantly more nearby that you do not see. Additionally, these insects tend to be amongst the most difficult to completely eradicate.

City Wide Exterminators will provide you with bed bug specialists that offer a guaranteed success rate. We provide steam treatment, which uses heat at temperatures exceeding 150 degrees to kill bed bugs, and chemical treatments, which eliminates the pest by applying chemicals to them and areas they frequent. Call or contact us today for a free bed bug control quote.

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