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Though small in stature, ants group together and create problems in a big way. Ants come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the species, from larger fire ants with painful stings to tiny carpenter ants that invade kitchens and bathrooms. When ant colonies threaten your home or business, let City Wide Exterminators take control.

Basic Ant Facts

Ants build large nests and gather together in colonies where the queen rules. A colony varies in size and can consist of 500,000 ants at one time. The colony can also uproot and relocate if it requires more resources or considers the current area a threat. Inside the nest, the queen can thrive for up to 15 years while the workers risk their lives each day protecting the nest and scavenging for food.

As ants scavenge for water or a meal, they leave behind invisible pheromone trails, which help other ants locate the food. If these trails lead inside your home, you can have a serious infestation in and around food areas. The colony can also move closer to your home if it has easier access to an abundant food source.

Ant Entryways and Damage

Ants enter homes and businesses through the smallest cracks in and around the foundation. Even spotless interiors have occasional ant invasions, which stem from having unseen water droplets or missed food crumbs on the floor. Ants enjoy sweet and greasy foods and can pick up on these items from far away. Once they find a food or water source, they form a line, march into the area and take the food back to the colony.

Depending on the species, ants cause a variety of damage wherever they go. For example, fire ants destroy pristine property and litter it with unsightly dirt mounds. Carpenter ants get inside electronics and wiring, creating short circuits in everything from air conditioners to blenders.

Effective Ant Pest Control

Most do-it-yourself methods only control the ants you see without preventing further infestations. If you need curative and preventative ant maintenance, contact the professionals at City Wide Exterminators. Our team can quickly identify ant entryways and create an effective pest control plan for removing these unwanted invaders from your property.

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